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Payot treatments are truly unique in the world. For feeling good. For taking care of yourself. Even if that seems difficult to reconcile with a busy, fast-paced life-style, there are privileged places where you can get back in touch with yourself, recharge your batteries. Rare yet essential places, both at the centre of life, at the centre of the world and true havens places.The expertise and preciseness of our prescriptions, based on Nadia Payot's very Avant-Garde approach, are at the source of extraordinary methods and gymnastics that you can enjoy at the spa, salon or at home. By devoting only 10 minutes a day to these gymnastics you will strengthen the tissues and ensure your face long-lasting youthfulness and firmness."The face is the first place where my expressions appear, whether sad or happy. It is thus essential that i take care of it and thus maintain beautiful, velvety, hydrated skin...Today PAYOT offers me a global treatment for my skin so that I can live every moment of my life to the full."
Clear Skin        
£35.00 45 mins
£43.00 with Payot Facial Massage 60mins
For all skin types.
Deep cleanse and brighten your skin starting with a Pineapple enzyme-based exfoliation, followed by a gentle brightening mask and products for your skin personally prescribed by the therapist.
In just 45 mins, your skin is rehydrated, relaxed and glowing with health.
Intense Hydrating Ritual 60 mins
Bathe your skin with thirst quenching Orange Sap Water, Honey, Chestnut and Sea Algae extracts to regain radiance and luminosity.
Rhyolite exfoliation is combined with soothing Vanilla and Patchouli Essential oils, followed by a 20 minute 42-step massage.
Finally, your skin is rehydrated with a Collagen Mask infused with Witch Hazel, Orange Blossom and Liquorice.
All signs of dehydration melt away, leaving you with a glowing radiance.
Purifying Ritual60mins
Deep cleanse, purify, regulate and control oil production for a perfectly clear complexion with Birch extract, Green Coffee and AHA's.
The 20 min 42-step massage is performed with an anti-bacterial preparation to treat the skins imperfections, purify and regulate the skin from within followed by a professional mask to detoxify, minimise oil production and deep cleanse the pores.
Your skin is left matte, velvety soft and fresh. Blemishes, dilated pores and shiny nose are a thing of the past!
Intense Soothing Ritual60 mins
Helps even the most sensitive skin defend itself with Boswellia extract, Pre-biotics and Rose Essential Oil.
An original balm with Liquorice and Essentials oils of Lavender and Thyme is used for the 20 min 42-step massage to heal and soothe away irritation.n A professional mask steeped with Boswellia, Centella Asiatica and Meadowfoam extracts desensitises and strengthens the skin.
All sensations of discomfort, inflammation and redness are alleviated, leaving the skin cool and comfortable. Your skin regains its comfort, suppleness and serenity.
Energising Ritual 60 mins
Restore your natural dynasium with cocoa, while the Orange and Lavender extracts help your skin resist stress. Ginseng, Green Tea, Mint and Royal Jelly bring extra vitality.
Rhyolite exfoliation is combined with energising Bergamot and Mint essential oils, followed by a 20 min 42-step massage to stimulate and invigorate the skin and senses.
A self warming mask, rich in Calcium, Magnesium and a Citrus Cocktail, stimulates the micro-circulation to relax the skin and works together with sumptuous Cocoa and Orange revitalising mask.
The essential for all busy people on the go to restore and vigour; your skin will regain its vibrancy and glow in health.
Wrinkle Correcting Ritual 75 mins
Hold back time.
Combat the first signs of ageing by delaying the appearance of wrinkles and minimising any existing fine lines and dehydration. Black Tea, Zinc, Manganese, Sodium and Magnesium firm, tone, stimulate and improve elasticity.
Rhyolite exfoliation is combined with energising Bergamot and Mint essential oils, followed a 20 min 42-step massage to stimulate and firm the skin and muscles.
Finally, a cushiony mask plumps the skin and decreases fine lines with Hyluronic Acid and Argireline whilst you bask in relaxation of a hand massage.
Your features are relaxed and your skin is smoother radiant and luminous.
Absolute Lift Ritual 75 mins
Regain the resilience and well-defined contours of a younger skin.
This facial re-models and re-sculpts skin by giving new volume and firmness with the benefits of Clover, Isoflavones, Soya Proteins, Omega 3 and 6 and PAYOT's own A.G.E compensating complex.
Micro-abrasion with energising Beramot and Mint essential oils refines and soothes the skin bringing clarity and minimising pigmentation. The 20 min 42-step massage lifts and tones the skin and muscles.
While you enjoy a hand massage, a velvety mask impregnated with Aloe Vera, Centella Asiatica and Sea Lettuce firms and tones. Its super-cooling action tightens the skin through vascular contractions, leaving your skin lifted, firmed and with a redefined contour.
Perfect Experience 90 mins
The ultimate luxury facial to diminish and help prevent every sign of ageing and loss of radiance.
Following a relaxing massage for the shoulders and arms, a specific exfoliation leaves your skin velvety soft and the legendary 42-step massage lifts and tones the skin and muscles. Relax with a scalp massage while masque Gold, enriched Hibiscus extract and Sodium Hyaluronate smooths, plumps, rehydrates and revitalises the skins energy centres. Results are spectacular; wrinkles and fine lines are visibly reduced, facial contours are firmed and the skin is comfortable, luminous and radiant.
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