LUX Massage Candles
New to Peaches and Cream!
LUX Massage Candles embrace a room with their light, heat and aromatherapy essences. Made from natural vegetables oils and butters, once lit, the LUX Massage Candle melts at a consistent 38º temperature. The warm oil is drizzled over the skin, just like a massage oil. Powerful massage techniques coupled with the opulent nature of LUX Massage Candles is a truly memorising experience.
LUX Shea Massage - 1 Hour
Relax: A relaxing and soothing massage with aquamarine properties
Energy: A revitalising and re-energising massage to tone and create a
sense of vitality 
Harmony: Rebalances emotions using extract of fig and will bring emotional sweetness.
Aphrodesia: Uses powerful extracts of myrrh to enhance sensual awakening.
Full Body LUX Massage: Normally £60-00 Now £50-00
Back LUX Massage:       Normally £35-00 Now £30-00
Candle Prices:
Small: £12-00      Medium: £30-00     Large: £38-00

PAYOT Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy is the inhalation and bodily application of essential oils from aromatic plants to reflex, balance, rejuvenat, restore or enhance body, mind and spirit. Pure esstial oils are extracted from many parts of the plant including the flower, leaf, resin, bark, root, twig, seed, berry, rind and rhinzome.
A basic priniciple of Aromatherapy is to strenghthen the self healing processes
by indirect stimulation of the immune system. The depth of use of essential oils is wide ranging from deep and penetrating therapeutic uses to the extreme subtlety of a unique fragrance.
Aromatherapy is considered by some to be an ancient yet timely and modern
approach to total well being that is in tune with nature. 
Introducing Payot Aromatherapy Massage
choose from:
Relaxing Oil Patchouli and Vanilla
Detoxifying OilOrange and Grapefruit
Energising Oil Bergamot and Mint
Full Body 60 minutes                  £46.00
Full Body 90 minutes                  £56.00
Back & Neck 25 minutes            £25.00
Hot Stone Massage
The ancient healing art of stone therapy incorporated with massage strokes and pre-heated stones to allow deep relaxation and promote a meditative state of mind.
As the stones are heated, this allows the treatment to work on a deeper level of the body and penetrate many of the soft tissues. This has an effect on our energy flow to bring balance to body and mind.
By using cold stones after the hot allows the body to
regain balance before a treatment is concluded.
- Promotes release of tension in connective tissues
- Increases circulation and elimination of waste toxins
- Reduces muscle spasms 
Full Body            90 minutes                     £65.00
Back  massage     40 minutes                    £32.00

Swedish Massage
A popular, basic form of Western massage, which uses pressure
to help calm and relax.
A massage suited for all needs.
              Full Body           60 minutes                   £46                       
     Back massage    30 minutes                   £23                                     
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